Torre Sant’Andrea

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Torre Sant'Andrea is a picturesque beach in the Province of Lecce offering clear waters & views of the stacked rock formations, Le Due Sorelle.

Awarded the Blue Flag beach prize for the water quality, the sea stacks that define Torre Sant’Andrea are created by the erosive power of wind and waves beating against malleable coastal cliffs resulting majestic tunnels , expanded fissures and a picturesque lookout rising above the pounding surf below.

Torre Sant’Andrea takes its name from a lighthouse built in 16th century , the ruins of which can still be seen. 

The coast section of Torre Sant'Andrea is mostly untouched nature and perfect for a calm afternoon walk or a picnic while enjoying the view. Often you can observe fishermen while angling their daily catches.

You can lounge on the beach, swim through weathered arches, and even cliff dive.

Credits: Filmed and edited by Christian Donnoli, Sky Video.

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